Get To Know You

Download or make your own printable get to know you cards. The PDF file will include a calling sheet with all the words and random bingo cards. Use this bingo card generator to create custom bingo cards and games.

Get to Know You

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WORDS LIST: is the youngest in family, had braces, is wearing earrings, has taken dance lessons, has a pet, can whistle, favorite pizza is pepperoni, loves to garden, made dinner for someone, eats vegetables daily, likes to go fishing, writes poetry, likes to cook, has brown eyes, never colored their hair, knows how to knit or crochet, walked to school, was born in December, likes sushi, exercises regularly, loves to swim, is left handed, has painted toenails, taught a lesson, is wearing blue, wears glasses, has won something, plays a musical instrument, likes chocolate, is afraid of spiders, gave a compliment today, has run a half marathon, favorite season is summer, more than two siblings, loves country music, favorite color is purple, writes in a journal, does not drink milk, has taken piano lessons, has a Facebook account, visited another country, has been to camp, owns a pair of flip flops, speaks two languages, likes to read, has been to the ocean, born in June, is the oldest child, enjoys camping, favorite flower is a rose, has had stitches, sings in a choir, likes tomatoes, has been in a play, did not have soda today, flosses once a day, has allergies, has naturally curly hair, plays or played on a sports team, born in another state, is extremely ticklish, chooses salty over sweet, has broken a bone